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  1. This would be a great idea! However, they had to discontinue it, and I possibly know the reason. I believe that minehut used a certain plugin in order to do crossplay, DragonProxy. DragonProxy was a plugin that let people from bedrock join java servers. It was THE ONLY plugin that could do it from what I have searched, so it is fair to believe this is the plugin they used, considering the developers aren't necessarily known for plugin coding. However, there came a point where that plugin stopped updating past 1.12.2, so they couldn't use it in 1.13+ (if we are assuming they use this plugin). So yeah, that's what I think happened to Bedrock servers on Minehut. ProtocolSupport says they are working on a plugin for pe that lets that happen too, so they might add it once it is released and updated. However, that sadly will not be for a long time ;-; Hope this answered your question
  2. I am aware of that. If people don't want older versions of minecraft to join they can take it out of the Auto Plugin List and they won't have to use it anymore.
  3. Sometimes I wonder if people forget to install ProtocolSupport for their servers to let older versions play, so here is an idea... Make a feature called "Auto Plugin List", in which players can add the plugins they want to be prompted with to be installed when they reset or make a new server. I also suggest, in that list, that ProtocolSupport would possibly be put in there on default and players can remove it at any time.
  4. maybe some fun gamemode, minigame, easter egg?
  5. its always annoying for me to turn on the server every time I want to do something like installing plugins and editing with the file manager. We need to be able to do that while the server is in hibernation, it would help a lot of people
  6. So far I have the pvp arena done, the portal to the pvp arena done, and the lobby done. Why not take a sneak peak? ignore the world in the background xd
  7. this would help SO MANY people
  8. so I was looking around and found this that might be helpful https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/bukkit-plugins/nodrop oh course, as I saw, it supports only up to 1.8.1, but could the devs or someone create a plugin like this and give it to minehut?
  9. like, I want people to not keep their items when they get killed in pvp, but I also dont want people picking up their items and using them as advantage. Could someone help me?
  10. aight, so basically, a command that detects for a certain amount of people in a rank. If there is, a command will start
  11. Will multiverse portals get an update soon?
  12. So I found this server called Flagzone...REALLY NICE! Its a CTF gamemode. I really enjoyed playing on it, you might want to as well


  13. Hello, this is Sam, the owner of the server. The beta for the server will be coming soon (maybe in a week or two). Minehut has been very confusing lately, like multiverse portals not working and me losing the main lobby I had. Despite these circumstances, I will try my best to at least get one minigame and a pvp arena by the time the beta opens. I hope you guys will like it.
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