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  1. I'd imagine they'd be. Still good though, can't complain about it.
  2. Pretty sure you will need a plan but if you vote daily for 1 month you can gather enough credits to get the MH20 plan, which I assume would have all if not most of the important features to help servers that are starting out.
  3. Could the custom versions possibly lead to people creating servers with modpacks? That would be epic.
  4. Agreed, just imagine the possibilities custom plugins and server networks ALONE could bring.
  5. Probably just a console that you can run commands on and see what people are saying, much like what Aternos has.
  6. I just had a thought, how would custom plugins work? Obviously they would have to go under review so that they couldn't cause massive lag or have any malicious intent, right?
  7. Alright I got to admit, this is very cool. Custom Plugins, Custom Versions, Live Console and most importantly; Server Networks. https://imgur.com/PCnlKXf
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