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  1. MC_Horror


    ooh ok thanks im just gonna use 1.16.1 then as i can use optifine thanks
  2. oh ok that makes sense is there any other way i can take a download because i really want a backup because for some reason yesterday i couldn't start my server i had to repair files it started but i lost some data and then after i was done playing i came back later and the server wouldn't start again and i lost progress back to the same place again lucky i didn't loose loads of progress but it was still very annoying it seams to be all fine now but i would like to know that if it happens again or if anything else goes wrong i at least have a backup and my world isn't completely gone. also my o
  3. MC_Horror


    i can go on my server in 1.16.2 fine
  4. yes the world name did have a space in it i did what you said it worked fine but when i tried to download it it said Failed to upload file.
  5. When ever i do the command /dl world [world name] it always says Compressing world... and then a second later That world does not exist! I have done /worlds and there are 8 worlds there from when i uploaded the world that me and my friend wanted to play on but i cant download any of them it always comes up with the error i got Multiverse-core and did /mv list and /mv who and the world it says i am on i cant download so im not sure what to
  6. I am having the the same problem i thought i was something to do with 1.16.2 but i see now its from 1.16
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