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Community Answers

  1. Some skripts like playtime, dupe and chatcooldown and such are pretty expensive
  2. I hope they fix this soon cause im getting quite annoyed by this
  3. Got the same problem
  4. TuSKe currently doesnt work. Use skQuery guis or skript-gui
  5. cant fully agree with this its only annoying when you get muted for accidents
  6. skPolar

    how do i appeal

    Yeah same.. Just got muted because i accidentally pasted the wrong message smh and i cant wait 6 hours
  7. First of all maybe there was an issue with the database they use? Maybe show proof to them to get ur stats back?
  8. What is "tree of {spawn::*}" supposed to be
  9. Its not necessarily needed but it wont wipe player data when they change their IGN
  10. Nice skript but maybe use {idk::%player's uuid%}
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