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  1. Hey i just installed you tablist skript, i would like to know why the prefixes dont work im using luckperms ty 😄

  2. i don`t see a point of people paying for skripts that alot of others will make the skripts for free.
  3. Hello Zrioxs im not home right now but what Skripted prefix `thing` are you using?
  4. My guy its legit the simplest thing and your charging people like damn didnt you say to challenge you.
  5. Hello Biggy, I`d like to say an Anticheat isn`t easy to make also as for Minehut lags a lot you`ll probably get a lot of people spamming you for being false banned.
  6. I'll make sure next time if i make things like this to out them together.
  7. Hello, First off this should be in skript-discussions not skript-releases but thats fine Secondly if you checkout my account you'll be able to see a Tablist w Scoreboard Skript hope this helped you out.
  8. Croomped you could always skript yourself because we arent always here to check on the forums
  9. This is a simple thing to do you could make it loop 100 times a line of '' '' and then send a message after the loop saying something like ''Chat has been cleared by %player%'' %player% = the user that execute the command or did the action
  10. It is possible you could make it so if someone joins your server you could make them join and it'll send them to another world that has no player limit or you could make it send people to another server.
  11. Making this is Advanced also would false ban players as for Minehut lags hell of a lot
  12. This was me five minutes of work i was bored as hell so here you guys go please have SkRayFall / SkQuery / Skellet atleast TablistBaseplate.sk ScoreboardBaseplate.sk Please give me a like and rep if you'll be using this also please tell me the server it'll be used on.
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