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  1. WyattPlayz

    Minehut Forums API

    Is there any API for the Forums? I am looking for the ability to send an HTTP (GET/POST) request to the forums to automatically create a topic in an category with a predefined title and description from an external web server. From my research; I have been unable to determine how the request is sent to the Forums and found no documentation on the subject. Does anyone here know of any way to achieve this?
  2. Then find one that cannot be abused or is not as similar. Or just up minehut's god damn security. If you can't re-add the plugins, then i'm pretty sure the security has changed due to the incident. Web/API support is needed, even if not envoking Minehut's API. For example, I'm hosting an web server- I want to calculate something like playtime? a million times easier when I can actually send a POST request instead of trying to GET the content of the page. Like, C'mon now.
  3. WyattPlayz


    +1 Plugman breaks some plugins. Whilst I don't recommend stupid users use it (90% of MH tbh), it could be useful.
  4. Unable to locate proper page for download of 1.14 | Direct download link providied.
  5. WyattPlayz

    [ADD] REQN

    Add SKRIPT ADDON "Reqn" Unable to locate Resource Link DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK https://forums.skunity.com/resources/reqn.95/download?version=1187
  6. WyattPlayz


    Add SKRIPT ADDON "WebSKT" Unable to locate Resource Link DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK https://forums.skunity.com/resources/webskt.728/download?version=1720
  7. Quickboards CURRENT VERSION 4.2.1 Quickboards UPDATE VERSION 4.3.0 SPIGOT https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/quickboard-free-scoreboard-plugin-scroller-changeable-text-placeholderapi-anti-flicker.15057/
  8. People don't seem to like them. 0% like them, 25% hate them.
  9. Ah yes. I didn't add that because I'm looking for the stastically more popular gamemode, and I already have a creative server.
  10. I mean what would your answer be.
  11. Could you specify what you meant for the "other" thing? (the answer for it)
  12. Please fill out this statistical survey.
  13. I have made 100 server reports in 1 month.

    I have not been punished.

    I am the reason they created a category for server reports instead of keeping them in /forum/23-reports and moved it to /forum/200-server-reports

    I made a node.js application that allows me to do this

    I am planning on making the node.js application automatically create my reports for me.

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