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  1. My server is starting up but when i try to join it kicks me out what do i do?
  2. SmudgyKibbles57


    Oh, I'm dumb I was downloading it from spigot but thanks for the help it works now:)
  3. SmudgyKibbles57


    OK, Let me download it and ill send a screenshot of the error
  4. SmudgyKibbles57


    Can you download the file then put it into the file thing below the text?
  5. SmudgyKibbles57


    I did and it just shows the same thing And I'm hosting it on my computer
  6. SmudgyKibbles57


    I forgot to add this but Do I download it from github or spigotmc?
  7. SmudgyKibbles57


    I've been having trouble adding skript to my minecraft server I host. I wonder how minehut can do it, but i can't add skript to my server I host Can you help me?
  8. command /gui: trigger: open virtual chest inventory with size 1 named " " to player format gui slot 0 of player with fire charge named " "
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