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  1. Why so many fonts and shit? Bruh just type normally. Anyways use LuckPerms, you can give permissions to people so that they can open the menu.
  2. pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis The longest english word. r/iamverysmart
  3. dude its not that hard to write skripts. Essentials chat can be taken out with a simple 2 lined skript. You dont need quite a lot of the plugins. If you want a nice server, either pay or use skript
  4. Optivics

    Server version

    Hey! You are not able to change your servers version. Instead, install ViaVersion, ViaBackwards and ViaRewind to connect using 1.15.2
  5. oh. my. god just edit your post and add it in, you dont need to create a reply for every single update make a support ticket or reset your server...
  6. Firstly, that is gonna make the chat look like a living version of hell, but if you really want it, here: every 10 minute: loop all players: send "Rule 1" to all players send "Rule 2" to all players send "Rule 3" to all players send "Rule 4" to all players send "Rule 5" to all players
  7. bruh stop being entitled and just pay.. if not then leave, they aren't going to change it. Also its $5 A MONTH to have unlimited plugins, if you dont have that kind of money then your priorities aren't right. Try getting a job, or helping out around the house.
  8. Optivics

    lobby muted??

    There are different lobbies. Lobby 1 may be muted, but lobby 2 might not be. Lobbies are usually muted due to bot attacks.
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