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  1. Hey I'm zlby. There's not much to say except I joined Minehut on the 19th Dec 2019 sooooo yeah!
  2. Ok so, How do I cancel the monthly purchases on an account I forgot the password to? Aswell as the EMAIL PASSWORD?!?!? PLEASE HELP ITS $5 A MONTHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
  3. Hey, so today I was trying to sign up for a new Minehut account, But... I got stuck on the verification! No matter how many times I clicked RESEND EMAIL it didn't send! Please help!
  4. Hey guys, I would like the DynMap plugin to be added: WHY: So SMP Servers can let player's view the map of their server. PLUGIN LINK: DynMap v3.0.1 thanks
  5. Maybe try and make it so you can also get OP Enchants like Sharpness enchantment.level.32767
  6. Cool but, when you do the if player has permission: you could just do command /random [<string>]: permission: &6LINE ONE%nl%&7LINE TWO trigger: # the rest of the code And also what syntax highlighting do you use for skript?
  7. oooh yeah i didnt think ab that
  8. I agree with the expiry thing
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