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  1. How do I enable cheats for me in my server i created yesterday. When i try to do a command it says: Sorry but you don't have permission to do t his. Please contact the server admins if you think this is a mistake even though i created the server. Why is this

  2. Try Resetting the Server if no valuable "things" are left.. or Download the world and Reset the Server Nothing will be lost or Make Sure or Delete Corrupt Items, Blocks etc. are In Your World
  3. Exploitified

    Locating server

    Did You write in The Minehut lobby "/ join <server>.minehut.gg" if so the correct way is "/join <server>" or You wrote Your server's name incorrectly or You Havent Completed Making the Minehut server
  4. The Only thing You Can do is Now Make a New Server World Because the Command "/give <player> <item> 1000000" is over the limit You Could At least make it 100 or 300 but You Intended to Make it Over the Limit Me Thinking Here: *why the hell did you do this*
  5. Reason 1 - You Already Have Used You 2 Free Server Slots (Buy 1 Server slot for 400 Credits) Reason 2 - You Must Have Done Something Wrong with your Minehut Account or Server Solution - Create a New Minehut Account using a new or secondary email address or Fix The Problem That YOU Created, If You Didn't Do Anything Wrong It Must be a Minehut Technical Error This is all I Can Get from my mind I Hope this is Useful
  6. You Must Link Your Account to Receive Credits From Voting
  7. Yooo!!! Give me NOTHING waiting for a million years SOOOOOO EXCITED
  8. 'Sup? I'm Exploitified.

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