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  1. ok. this problem has been solved. but, when i try to download my world, it says 'could not save metadata" pls help me because i cant make backups! this is a problem for many people
  2. idiots purposel not replying to this post. very important
  3. I keep trying to extrenally upload a world to the server through the panel, but when i start and load up the server, its a completely different newly generated world. Internally, i did upload the world, and i can choose to go to it, but i cant make edits because i need to keep doing /world ul(worldname) to get there. or else, its also just a different newly generated world. i dont want to force people to help me, but i cant build anything like this
  4. why dont you publicize it, so people get help
  5. i put the world in the saves folder and it dosent work. tf
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