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  1. [REQUESTING] I am The Founder of Phantom Studios. We are a company that making custom servers and we will make a lot of servers not just for one. We will get started after we got this all we need: Staff We require a great level of professionalism as this isn't just a server you will be working for. This position doesn't receive payment Skript Developers This position does receive payment. You will receive a percentage of the total income from a product that you skript. Website Developers You need to able to work with a frontend developer to create a market-like store using nextjs (if you know react this is also fine). This position does receive payment. You will receive a money in the future. Builders/Graphic Designer This position does receive payment. You will receive a percentage of the total income from a product that you build. Investor/Sponsor If you invest us 100 we will pay back x2 Please follow the requirements: → Be Professional at all times. → Be Serious. → 1-2+ years of website Coding/Skripting experience and a great design skill [For Skripter] → Able to do the backend stuff (For Website Dev) →We need you to be available at least 4 hours per day and we need you to finish projects we've given to you in a certain time.[For Staff and Dev] So if you are interested in joining our studio and if you want to earn some money please DM us. All jobs will be paid if the prices is good, DM your prices Please DM with a portfolio or examples of past work prepared. My Discord tag: Deathhammer2005#8975 You can also find me in minehut discord
  2. Hello guys! My IGN is Deathhammer2005 u can call me Death or Jack, I really love this server because I made a lot of friend at this server. I've been playing on minehut since 2019. I really like to play minehut. My favorite type of Server/Game is RPG/Skymining/Prison/ItemGenerator. I am very active on discord, if you have something to ask/tell me you can just dm me. I started skripting a few months ago, and I am still learning! If you want me to help think some ideas or skript, just dm me at discord (Deathhammer2005#8975). I'll do it when I have the extra time. I'm online quite a bit (10-12 hours a day) and I plan to make a mix server like ItemGenerator + Mining + Farming. I'm quite helpful and I really like to help people. (that being said, if you need some help, message me ingame or on discord) That's pretty much all I have to say! I'm very excited to meet every single one of you! /friend add Deathhammer2005 (if you want to add me as friend) --------------------------- [RANK] [VIP] : Now [Helper]: I wish in 1 year [MOD]: wish in 2 years [Sr Mod]: wish in 3 years ----------------------------
  3. I need a skript like when a player is in combat they can't fly or teleport
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