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  1. so when i use the bedwars plugin it works i can create a game and i also save the whole game and also make a backup but the plugin deletes the game as soon as i restart the server i am using the hipixelifed addon and i also took it off then tried to make it but it keeps deleting the game so i have no idea what is happening and i am confused
  2. CrazyK14


    yes that is the plugin and it is the only permission plugin that i like
  3. CrazyK14


    i am using luckperms i just don't like it and i have used pex but i also don't like it and this is the only one i like
  4. this is how you do it you first download the commandhook plugin then you type in the command block /sudo @p world <world>
  5. CrazyK14


    hey i want minehut to add this to the server it is called ultra permissions it has a gui for making perms and other things that are very helpful it make can also change the chat format in 1 plugin it also has prefixes and other stuff it is the best and i wish for minehut to add this plugin ok thx bye
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