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  1. This should go in the Skript section of the forums, but yeah. Does it give you any errors? If it does, you will need the addon WolvSK for this to work. If there's no errors regarding conditions, can you tell me the errors? And if there are no errors just make sure you have the correct tool. It has to have the same exact caps, colors, everything.
  2. What centralwtf said and also... Skript, in full effect, only takes up 1-3 plugin spots (Depending on how many addons you want) and so much is possible with it. You don't need essentials, mineresetlite-- Nothing if you have skript. Though for people who don't know it, yeah, it can be hard. Just putting that out there though
  3. rosathorn

    Lost my server

    Also if what Central said doesn't work-- this shouldn't close your server forever so it's not too much of a worry. Simply force hibernate your server, activate it, and it should start up normally, though some things may be rolled back due to the hard crash. Hope your world is alright!
  4. rosathorn

    My world wont reset

    Never seen a bug like this.. What I would suggest is force hibernating your server, activating it, then turning it offline. Then click Reset World, wait for it to load, then start the server back up again. Also make sure the world in Level Name under the category Settings is the one you want to reset. If all else fails, just go into File Manager go into Deletion Mode, select your world, and delete it. But be aware this will delete all player data for that world too.
  5. So you put in a datapack, and now your server won't start up at all? Can you remove that datapack and try starting your server again? If it doesn't work, please retrieve your logs and put them in a reply post on this topic. File Manager > logs > Scroll down to latest.log > Copy everything in there > Paste it in the textbox at pastebin.com > Create New Paste > Copy the paste link and post it here.
  6. It takes a while. From days to weeks, it takes however long it takes for a staff member to review it and decide. Being patient is the only thing that can come in handy.
  7. I'm not very experienced with the Holograms plugin in advanced ways as I usually just custom make everything but.. It looks like you need some sort of API. Do you have PlaceHolderAPI? Also, was it working before?
  8. Good luck with your idea! Might think about signing up.
  9. Congratulations on your achievement, Centrect :D. 32K views is really impressive.
  10. Check the Minehut Youtube channel, they have tutorials that will work. Also any tutorial on Youtube, really.
  11. It may be a plugin you have restricting the amount of levels you can gain, or it could be the way you built it.
  12. Well, I doubt Multiverse is the one responsible... Can you show me your plugin list? Also, if you feel comfortable doing so, you can either post the IP here in a reply or PM the server IP to me on the forums. It's possible, if you have the ClearLag plugin, it's restricting the amount of chunks. All in all, pretty confused myself. It's hopefully only a client side issue. Though have you tried completely restarting your PC? Just a hunch, although likely won't fix it entirely.
  13. You should receive a reply eventually. How long has it been? It usually doesn't take more than a couple of days. They can likely also check what email belongs to that server, so it's mainly a waiting game. I'd also suggest just trying every email you have. But overall, not much more can be done.
  14. I'm not really sure, I've never seen anything like this... It could be a Skript or something of some sort you have on your server... I know you can also do this with tellraw commands and command blocks so it's possible someone on your server just did that but from my understanding this also happened to other people, so it could've been a Minehut staff member that broadcasted this to all servers, although unlikely. Overall, not much to worry about.
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