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  1. This is amazing! Curious, but if you need an extra skripter or anything I'm available! I've been skripting for a year now and I'm fairly good at it. Seems like a fun place to work for. Since the 12 plugin limit, skripters have been getting more work than ever. Nice to see people helping out those who are clueless because I was there at one point too, dying to have skripts because I couldn't make any myself.
  2. Rosa's back at it again! Anyone remember the server Westmine from 2019? Well, I'm the owner and I'm here to recreate it! The whole server is almost done, I'm just in need of guards. There's a lot of unique parts of this server and I guarantee you'll love guarding. Essentially, you'll be moderating while consistently checking prisoners for contraband and assuring everyone is in the correct room at the correct time. DM me on Discord for more information!: rosa#0954
  3. NorthBound is a realistic, hardcore survival server based around a frozen tundra with many custom mechanics like Temperature, Heat Sources, Custom Crafting, and much more. We are releasing beta within the next few days or so, join our Discord: https://discord.gg/tHCCJdB
  4. MidnightDrift

    IP ban

    A staff of mine ip banned someone....great. It doesn't happen all the time but random people just get ip banned for no reason but...they're not really ip banned. If they login via the direct connect ip (minehut.gg) they'll be let in and unbanned, sometimes they need to restart minecraft to get it to work but yeah. even /i/ get randomly banned and I know that it's not someone whose opped that keeps banning us because I trust EVERYONE on my oplist and sometimes it's just random people when im the only one online (nobody has console but me) look, what im saying is how do i fix this, when
  5. Everytime it hibernates EVERYTHING resets back to a certain point to this morning, it's happened two times and each I did /save-all before leaving it to hibernate. Everything resets. Builds, skripts, everything. Frustrating. Anyone know a solution?
  6. MidnightDrift


    Chestshop, quickshop reremake, really none of those playershop plugins work because as soon as I make a shop the server crashes immediately. nothing in crash reports, nothing in logs that could possibly help from what I see.. I have lockette, is that a problem? I want player shops AND being able to lock things, though. so can I just not have both or what? help?
  7. someone made a custom resourcepack for me, I first try to upload the zip to mediafire, grabbed the link, uploaded to Minehut, then restarted. the prompt was not there, (i also noticed the pack only worked if it wasn't in a zip) so maybe I need to upload the unzipped version, well no that doesn't work. so nothing works. I tried to go to minepack to see if the link there might work but when it tries to upload my zip it just gives an error "cannot find mcmeta data" even though it's in there. it also refuses to upload the unzipped version (just makes me open the files until it can find someth
  8. MidnightDrift


    I *just* got the 25 slot plan that comes with 2gb, I have 19 plugins and a couple skripts, they are all necessary as well. I have horrendous lag, everyone is at 1 ping bar. I pay for more ram and I just get constant lag? What is this? I hope you can explain or something, I really hope the 2gb isn't in effect because I restarted twice (the server even takes longer to load now) but still lag at around 18 players. This is ridiculous.
  9. Yeah. Hi. I'm using Mine ResetLite. Mines work great, got a cobble mine set up and everythings works perfectly. But if someone is OP nobody can break the blocks in the mine. Nobody. It's not a worldguard problem because i deop myself (with another person opped) and I have all worldguard permissions still from my owner rank. no errors when breaking blocks in the mine just simply it breaks and it regenerates immediately. ONLY if someone is OP. this is honestly so strange...any solutions? I reinstalled Mine ResetLite completely and redid the entire mine but it's still a problem...
  10. I tried to join a server with 10/20 slots and it said the server was "full", so when they said we got to keep 20 slots it was just a meaningless number that we got to keep? or is this server suffering a rare bug?
  11. well my dude, you have officially screwed yourself over. sorry. again, you can try turning it on repeatedly on logging on so that it will eventually finish. more than likely the entire server was just so slow and buggy and dying that when you did //undo it just didn't register it. or, it did, but when the server crashed it didn't save that you had done it. hopefully nothing valuable was on there. like Bear said, though, did you have Coreprotect? you can also trying contacting support to see if they have a rollback of your server if you're that desperate.
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