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  1. What kind of problems should I be looking for?
  2. My server is, on occasion, nearly unplayable due to the extreme lag spikes since 1.16 came out. Dying has been way more common since people can't fight back against mobs and getting their stuff back is nearly impossible because they can't do it before the items despawn, and they often die to lag while trying to get their stuff back. As much as Minehut has been super helpful thus far in running my server, I simply cannot continue to use their service if this doesn't get fixed. The reason I believe it to be a problem on Minehut's end is that I have no internet problems on any other servers
  3. I'm having the same problem. My server's nearly unplayable because of the extreme lag
  4. My server is lagging to the point of it basically being unplayable. I can't load more than a chunk at a time, and loading a new chunk takes at least a minute. I can't break blocks or interact with stuff. A 20 minute job is now taking about an hour and a half and I'm not even done. Anyone have a fix?
  5. Hold up, I came across this problem a few months ago. My world was named "world," but I wanted to test it, so I changed it to "World." My whole world was reset and new "World" files generated in the file manager. After a lot of confusion, I eventually changed the name back to "world" and deleted the new "World" files (keeping the original files), and it gave me my world back.
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