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  1. The plugins that Dream uses in his videos are made by him, and he chooses to lock them behind a paywall (I don't mean to hate on him). Minehut cannot add the plugins unless given permission from Dream himself.
  2. +1 can mean that they agree with the topic of the post.
  3. Imo, Minehut ignores everyone who haven't paid a penny to them. This doesn't include MOST of the Minehut Jr. Mods, Mods, and Sr. Mods. Most of them are pretty chill. Oh yeah, _C02 is chill too. I have unfortunately paid Minehut out of my own pocket, years ago. But Minehut doesn't know about that, and why would they care? $10 is nothing when they have people giving them thousands of dollars for a cosmetic rank, and rights on Minehut.
  4. I can't find the new version on the Skriptify Website. Could you update this forum post for people like me?
  5. replace if player's balance is more than 5000: with if player's balance > 5000: and if player's balance is not more than 5000: with if player's balance < 5000:
  6. The reason I'm not posting this in marketplace is because I get idiots who spam me with "Just use a skyblock plugin." So, I'm skripting a custom skyblock server and I'm confused on how to make the actual island creator. I don't know how to create a new world with a pre-made island. Any help?
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