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  1. I mean idk Criticyl’s profile picture is that of a enraged, emotionally unstable anime character who’s aggressively eating Japanese street food- not to mention while also having the power to take over people for 5 seconds at a time. Not gonna lie, that would be a lot lower than F tier.....
  2. Yes, you have to list the player name after /openinv to open the inventory of a player.
  3. This is, in fact, a p1ke moment
  4. P1KE


    tough scenes
  5. Radeon AMD bandicam NVIDIA experience Quicktime player
  6. 1. Did not say aimbot, 2. yes you are, and your mouse is not even showing the movement of each snap, 3. I didn't say aimbot (once again) 4. It doesn't take a PvP genius to figure out that your head snaps are from a modification especially if your mouse isn't aligning up with that movement If anything it's kind of strange that I say "aim assist" or "aura" over and over again and magically you decide to say "aimbot" all of a sudden. Freudian slip perhaps?
  7. You can literally just prop up your phone in an angle that shows both the screen and your mouse. Also, in your first video, the video you took that you posted in your appeal, the CPS test shows that you were hitting a CPS of over 100 on the graph. Care to explain that?
  8. Did you even read the appeal where I explained that doing it in single player is completely different than on a server? You have your own appeal to worry about, there is no need to butt in on this one, especially if you're not even going to read the entire thing.
  9. Yes, CPS matters when you’re straight lining, but technique matters more. You were also blatantly head snapping onto the bot, which is easily seen through the jarring mouse movements getting interrupted by sudden, smooth snaps onto its hitbox. All I want to see is a fight when you’re actually aiming, not blatantly cheating while straight lining someone. Is that too much to ask for? You keep claiming that it’s so hard to get the CPS you’re getting yet you easily got that before on warzone consistently, as well as achieved a CPS beyond what you’ve displayed... things are not looking in your favor in this appeal. I suggest you comply because at this moment in time, you’ve shown me nothing that has me convinced otherwise, in fact your videos only convince me that you have been in fact using an autoclicker or macro- using aim assist/aura makes that case even worse.
  10. I've decided to take over things considering your... "uncooperative" nature. The bot on PVP land's AI is programmed to fight and register the most hits the quickest it can, as well as follow you around. Against an actual opponent, not only will the fight last longer, but there would be more strafing (requiring aiming that isn't assisted by whatever obvious head snaps you have there). Not only this, but your mouse cam seems to not even line up properly with your movements, the angle is top down so it's impossible to tell when you're actually clicking, paired with the lack of audio... that video proves absolutely nothing.
  11. You do realize that the first video you linked, due to Minecraft's 20 TPS max server tick speed, the player jumps once in a while to remove/reset the eventual offset in which a block doesn't register due to the server not being able to keep up. This applies to timing clicks as well as just spam clicking/autoclicking. In the second video, not only is the player using timed drag clicks, which produce a click speed anywhere between 25 and 70 CPS, but he is in single player, which removes the need to reset the tick speed offset issue. The rest of the videos listed yield the same effect. In order for anyone to sustain straight or even diagonal god bridging, there must be some sort of technique used to pause once every 8-10 blocks to avoid falling off. This includes, crouching, jumping, or down right stopping. Without those techniques, in order to do it sustained, you would have to use a server with an increased tick rate or to be using a safewalk/scaffold/fastplace modification. Meaning, even if your 18 CPS butterfly can sustain a god bridge diagonally, without those techniques being used, it is not legitimate. This much cannot be disputed, as it is vanilla Minecraft mechanics, and it's in regards to a server limit that effects every server. If you would like to post a hand cam of yourself doing it with the screen visible on a multiplayer server, I'd be inclined to watch. As of now, taking shots at the mod team won't get you anywhere.
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