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  1. I'm trying to remove vanilla's spawn protection for my server, but when I check the server.properties file, it has a 'no' sign (the circle and the diagonal line). How do I access this file?
  2. Does it shutdown forever or something? I hope not <:(
  3. I don't have Discord, I'm 9
  4. hey tarna wanna test out the mining? ./join vibeverse or vibeverse.minehut.gg
  5. i'm just moving them farther from spawn cuz i'm lazy
  6. ok lol I just found out the mines were too close to spawn
  7. https://pastebin.com/ZQHiH62d
  8. lofiboi left the server a few days ago
  9. i forgot something
  10. uh latest.log is empty for some reason (also pastebin not working)
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