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  1. I own a vanilla survival server which i made great progress in, and i don't want a hacker ruining my survival by any chance. I already know how to make backups (/dl world world) but i just want to know how to apply them.
  2. Whew! I "consistently" voted for Minehut and now i just have to wait until tomorrow so I can get MH20. But why does MH20 have the same qualities as Daily? I will point out that i already know that you can upkeep MH20 by voting daily, while for Daily, not so much. But why would you have to save up for 30 whole days just to get a monthly version of Daily while you could just vote at 7am to 7pm, get Daily, miss a single day, and repeat? I would really like to see a buff in MH20 just to make it more worth it.
  3. I was going to play my vanilla survival server by going to the dashboard and booting it up. Once it was complete, however, it said it was still hibernating. I done this for about 15 times and yet nothing is working.
  4. I was recently thinking about more ways to earn free credits. I would love to have a little extra especially because i don't really want to spend money on credits. Maybe you could earn credits in ways like earning a single credit every 2 players joining?
  5. I had this small server that i reserved for me and my friends to play vanilla survival. When i opened the server and activated it, i joined it. First time worked perfectly fine. But now, whenever i try to join it again, it gets stuck in the Loading Terrain, even while its activated.
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