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  1. /pardon-ip (IP) ( This command can be run on the control panel ) You can find your IP by typing What is my IP on google.
  2. If you haven’t tried the command in the console panel on the dashboard online then do so first. If not then unfortunately you are going to have to go into reset server under the danger zone category. Be careful next time! It may also just fix overtime for example if you run it again it may work.
  3. SilentFlame


    Yes you can do what Emily said and delete the Nether.JSON file (I’m not too sure about that file extension) just find it in the worlds folder.
  4. epic newsletter! Props to all the amazing writers and of course Jackson
  5. This is a great little guide for new players. Well done!
  6. I wouldn't suggest opping random people but what I would suggest is on the Web Panel run the commands: /deop (oppedguysname) /ban (oppedguysname) /pardon (yourname) This should fix the problem without the other steps
  7. Yes the only solutions are the ones above that Houlton explained. There is no way to save your world you're unfortunately going to have to restart over. Just be careful who you give op to this time.
  8. Suggest that in the Plugins Section on the forum! https://forums.minehut.com/forum/20-plugins/
  9. Where's @Emily in all this! She is an amazing support member too!
  10. Welcome it’s nice to have you here
  11. hi ik this is like 5 days later but whatever lol. Welcome!
  12. hey welcome to the Minehut Forums!
  13. I haven't personally experienced these issues mentioned so I don't think it is "crap" but everyone has their own opinions
  14. Hello! great to have you here
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