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  1. From the plugins luckperms "Setspawn" But i fixed the code by replacing "teleport player to {spawn}" to "make player say "/spawn""
  2. I'm trying to make a warp GUI but when I click the "brown wool" it does not teleport me anywhere. but the message does work. can anyone help?
  3. yes, its keeps trying to load it up but never pops up
  4. I was typing some Skript on my server until when I clicked "saved" it stated I was unauthorized. So I restarted the mine hut dashboard and now the server doesn't even show up. Can anyone help me on this?
  5. Can anyone make a simple shop gui skript? The only ones I can find have many errors and are outdated. I need this skript to make a reference for myself to learn how to skript.
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