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  1. ok, ill work on that
  2. yep. it's a bit messy but it gets the job done. It works with (doesnt require) essentials and discordsrv vanish2.sk
  3. Post here if you need skripts
  4. DintyB

    /restart command

    It's not disabled, it's just that there is no startup script defined, so it just shuts down without starting up again. Also the whole point of this is so that the server can be easily be restarted by people who don't have access to the dashboard, or even by a skript.
  5. Are you using Multiverse Portals? In that case you can try running these commands: /mv conf enforceaccess false /mvp conf enforceportalaccess false
  6. DintyB

    /restart command

    When I run the /restart command, paper cannot seem to find a startup script to start back up the server. I'm not familiar with how exactly Minehut servers are started up but would it be possible to link it to paper.yml so that my admins can also restart the server? This would also be useful because it would allow people to use skripts to automatically start their server.
  7. yes but this way it doesnt need any addons and also essentials vanish does not do fake join/quit messages, that is really the point of this script
  8. Setting Up - Ensure that you have essentials installed. - Set allow-silent-join-quit to true in the essentials config.yml - Give your moderators the permissions dintyvanish.vanish, essentials.silentjoin and essentials.silentquit - If you have DiscordSRV installed, you can also give them discordsrv.silentjoin and discordsrv.silentquit. Note that I have my Discord join and leave messages configured slightly different so you may want to change that. - If you want your mods to join vanished, you can give them the perm essentials.silentjoin.vanish - Once you have added
  9. I think it would be a good idea to install vanishnopacket as it is by far the best vanish plugin out there.
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