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  1. I want it to be free i just want it for my server i play with my friends on but occasionally someone comes on so i want it to be a good server when they come on
  2. GalaxyGaming99


    I have a minehut server but when i go on it its fine but a few minutes later there are glitches that disable redston armor stands and cause exrtreme lag please help.I've even restarted my server like 7 times but the glitches are still there.
  3. Yes but you would have to be awake so it doesn't go on a screen saver
  4. looking for skripts like a /stafflist for putting the server staff like you could be in the middle and have the "Owner" perfix in blue and a skript for a tutorial like there is a message when you join that says "Do /tutorial for on how to play" and you could add text for a tutorial
  5. but could you add like a youtube and instagram link part plz i also tried it regularly it had like 20 errors~!
  6. Make a skript for signs and books that have links .ex{click on a sign called Youtube in white and red and a link to whatever link you want. And also maybe like a bot skript that sees if someone wants to apply for staff and it gives them the link to sign up
  7. What does {Offlineplayer} mean/
  8. I tried that now it's online but the server says the server is down but my panel says it's not Edit: i have 10 plugins on essentialschat essentials nametagedit vault GroupManager permissions Ex skript skript add on :GameAPI Skript addon :SkQuery & Worldedit
  9. i went on my server and it went straight offline i started it up and the same thing happened and when one of my friend joined they left and the server went straight offline i have tried for a whole day and still can't get on .Edit:Can someone please help me
  10. Plz add powerranks i have da file but idk how to add it
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