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    Win Games = Win Prizes. That's all you do. Come and join us!

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    have been skripting for more then 3 years so far. I am very good with certain scripts, but some I just don't seem to be able to get. Most scripts you will ask for I will know. I would love to put it on a low price. It of course depends on how long the skript is. If you want something like, custom join message, Its gonna be free. Its 4 lines. Right now you can really only contact me through my email, but soon I will be able to get back onto my discord. I also work with minehut scripts and more. I do not script plugins unless you ask for alot. It takes alot of my time and I don't want to do that with small offers. Email: [offers] Carson.Astor@gmail.
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    Welcome to the Minehut Events Official Club! Here you are able to see and download a calendar of upcoming events and suggest new event ideas!

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