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  1. Congratulations Fellow Junior Mods! Hope your time as a Staff Member will be one of your best moments on Minehut!
  2. Icxxy


    I have an issue where 1 of my plugins wont 'load' in the plugins folder. Is there any fixes to this?
  3. Yea, the developer of the plugin didn't allow minehut to put it in for everyone to use.
  4. You'll probably need to provide more detail than that.
  5. Basic Info: Minecraft IGN: Discord name (e.g Hello#1234): Timezone: Do you have the ability to record hackers?: Have you played Bytes much before?: Are you multilingual? (Fluent in multiple languages, not just learning one): Application Questions: Why do you want to join the Bytes Staff team?: What makes you better than other applicants?: How much time can you contribute with the role?: What are your weaknesses and strengths?: Do you have any past staff experience?: Have you been staff on any other server before? If so, ad
  6. Icxxy

    TrollBoss Plugin

    TrollBoss is a pretty cool and unique troll plugin with ALOT of features! It is very useful for server owners that like trolling. It has basically (Almost) every trolling command you'd every need! I I really like this plugin as it is one of the best trolling plugins (In my opinion). This plugin is also used by a big Minecraft Youtuber by the name of Skeppy. Some commands: /fakeop <player> - Sends a message that the player was oped. /fakedeop <player> - Sends a message that the player was deoped. /push <player> - Pushes a player. /trap <player> <time
  7. Icxxy


    Thank you so much.
  8. PLAYER REPORT FORMAT: Minecraft Username: Who are you reporting?: Why do you want to report this player?: Evidence (REQUIRED): You must use this format or your thread will result into an instant denial!
  9. Icxxy

    Citizens (NPC)

    I have problem with Citizens. Whenever I make an NPC, and when I like go through it, it just moves like I'm pushing it. Please can anyone help?
  10. FORMAT: Minecraft Username: Ban Reason: Player who punished you: Why should you been unbanned?: Screenshot of punishment:
  11. Icxxy


    I need help with a skRayFall effect. The effect is: set tab header to "&cWelcome" and footer to "&cmc.YourServer.com" for player Please notify me if you know any reason as to why it wont work. And I have all the addons that it requires.
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