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  1. Minecraft Username: Peckk Discord Name: peck#7586 Age: 14 almost 15 Timezone: Mid eu Can you speak fluently in any over languages (Multilingual)? My main language is Dutch so i can speak that very well. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do you have a microphone? Yes i do but it's kinda low so you have to turn the volume up on discord. Do you have the ability to record? Yes i got good pc specs so the quality of the video will also be pretty nice. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why are you applying for staff on Atroisty? First of all. i kinda quited this server because i was more playing other games but when i logged in last time i was like: "i wanna apply for this server'. Because in my oppion the server looks really cool with the mechanics you have like raiding people and defend your own island. And this server feels special to me because it's pretty orginal so for real i want to help on this server and helping people out and the community/putting rule breakers on there right place. What makes you a better applicant than others? Well, i've been staff on multiple big servers as: Mobie, Lava's, Elypvp and more servers who are a bit smaller and i think i got allot of great ideas for this server as new updates, maybe new special things. I am also really good at dealing with rule breakers as bots, hackers spammers angry people who are constantly swearing and people who are spamming me in msgs. The reason why i'm so good in this is because i'm always acting really chill and calm so if someone is really mad at me i'm just trying to make him calm and i'm pretty fast at muting spammers etc. also i know pretty much about hacks because i also made a few servers and i see pretty much always when someone is hacking or not and if i do see someone doing that i will screenshare him and i will msg the other staff memebers about it. Do you have any previous experience if so what? Yes i have made some servers and i have been staff on a few big servers and from that i really learned how i should act in some situations as angry people who are spamming hackers etc and i have really much ideas so if a server is running pretty bad i often know what the problem is then and how to fix it. And i've had so much fun with the community and that's mainly my motivation why i'm keep continuing with applying on servers and making servers. How much time will you be able to contribute to being staff? I can pretty much come online everyday for 1/2 hours and in the weekend i can come online for like 3/4 hours and when i'm not home or when i can't come online. I will tell that then on discord. What would you class as your biggest strength? My biggest strength is probably detecting really hard hacks as little kill aura or other hard hacks because if someone is reporting someone i'm first going to look in gamemode 3 (if i have the perms for that) and if i see something suspicious i will directly tell him to go on discord and screenshare hese screen. I will first look if he got any hacks in can find in minecraft example in hese rescourepack or in the begin screen and if i can't find anything i will tell him to typing in hese searchbar Wurst or any kind of client and if he got a hack client i will leave the call and directly tell the staff about it and when i can't find anything i will just let him play. What activities do you do outside of minecraft? I am often editing video's and sometimes i use photshop to make some logo's for people on instagram who wants to buy logo's for there YT channel or something and outside i love playing soccer with friends. Have you been banned on any servers if so what? Well, not really the only reason why i got banned a few times was because i joined a random server and they wanted me away... But i havn't hacked or really doing something stupid on any server. How do you think the community would feel about you being staff? I think that they will find it okay and nice because i will always be friendly for them and just having fun with them while playing so i think they will be pretty happy with me maybe not the people who i banned because they hacked xD but in overall i think they just find it okay that i'm a staff member. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Will you be able to do a voice interview? Yes but i prefer typing English instead of speaking it. Will you be able to come to staff meetings? Yeah sure but i can't come when i'm not online but i will dm you guys that on discord. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other/Notes: Uhhm sorry if the text looks a bit unclear but i hope you can read what i've said in my apply Greetings, Peck. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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