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  1. Why dont you try yourself?
  2. We already have wolfyutilities in minehut
  3. Skript them yourself nerd
  4. Creepers_

    Plugin not loading?

    U need phoenix api
  5. Creepers_

    Plugin request

    They dont add paid plugins unless the author gives them permission
  6. Creepers_


    Its unlikely your server will be able to live unless u have max ram due to minehuts low ram and lag lol
  7. Creepers_


    Crackshot already has the flag reset hit cooldown
  8. Creepers_

    Advanced Drops

    Minehuts 2 fishing plugins are both broken. Well this plugin can fix that and do more. Stone Treasures currently has many problems, and this plugin can fix that. Mythicmobs drops also has problems, and this plugin can fix that Benny pls add. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/advanced-drop-manager.65396/
  9. Interesting names. I wonder if this is to blame for the mass no. of shooting servers appearing?
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