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  1. Very cool. Looking forward to checking it out!
  2. Congratulations. Good luck in your trials!
  3. I recently made a thread regarding an update for DiscordSRV but I wanted to make a separate thread for a plugin suggestion to add on to the DiscordSRV plugin. I am requesting that DiscordSRV Staff Chat is added. You can select a channel to be chosen as a staff chat in the discord and introduce the mc and back and vice versa function. I am aware that this can be done with VentureChat but it not fully functional or even working when I tested it on my server so please prove me wrong but also this plugin would be useful for people who are not experienced in hooking plugins into each other through
  4. Hey, noticed that Minehut is on version 1.16.9 of DiscordSRV and they just recently released 1.17 and 1.17.1 which contains lots of bug fixes and additions such as SQL support, converting &l to bold in discord and other respective conversions. It also brings a few changes and lots of bug fixes which could be benefit for some servers. DiscordSRV Spigot/GitHub Page: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/discordsrv.18494/ / https://github.com/DiscordSRV DiscordSRV Spigot/GitHub Update 1.17.0: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/discordsrv.18494/update?update=287024 / https://github.com/
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