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  1. kjh

    Free script

    i have a better idea now, what about an auto builder. that would be so cool and make me not have to ahyve a builder
  2. its so sad that ur selling skripts thAT SOMEONE ELSE IS SELLING FOR CHEAPER
  3. kjh

    Farming Server!

    this isnt for advertising, but i think ill be a great staff member. i just have to get builders for my server and i will be an active staff member on the server
  4. kjh

    Free script

    use luckperms for the permissions
  5. kjh

    Free script

    rankup gui and /rankup, luckperms compatible
  6. PvP to other players or bosses? u need to player vs player to players and bosses rnt players, this doesnt make any sense
  7. y do i need to be in Europe, im in england and stay up unti;l 10 and y gmail, discord is way easier to use and we cant do staff applications through gmail
  8. im not good with skript so i get them off of spigotmc, i do not take any credit from this skript, im not 100% sure if this works tho #Skriptet er lavet af Deads/SebberJ. #Det er ikke tilladt at udgive skriptet. #Du må godt ændre commands. #Du må også godt ændre items. #Tempban beskeder options: BSlot 4: Hack er IKKE tilladt! BSlot 6: Hack er IKKE tilladt! BSlot 8: Du må IKKE udnytte bugs! #Tempban tider s=Sekunder m=Minutter h=Timer d=Dage TSlot 4: 30 m TSlot 6: 2 h TSlot 8: 30 m #Kick Beskeder KSlot 12: Du må IKKE bruge hacks! KSlot 14: Stop med at spamme!
  9. i was looking as well but just to send a skript for this post, essentials has /tempban and /mute /tempban <player> [duration] [reason] /mute <player> [duration] [reason] required plugins: essentials no skript needed : )
  10. im not the best at building but i have built a kitpvp spawn, it isnt that good but its decent. u dint need a good spawn for kitpvp the red wool is there cause its at the barrier and the red concrete powder is where u cant pvp, i wont put it there if u dont want
  11. this is a scam, he needs to accept ur friend request to dm him and he hasnt been online to do it so yea, just go somewhere else for a builder cause ur not ganna be able to dm him, unless u accept my friend request u wont be building for me
  12. hello @KitKatGoSnap i have added u on discored, i would love to whitelist u and let u build on my server while i do the skripts, editing pre made skripts the server issnt that professional tho btw u need to accept my friend request cause i cant dm u at the moment
  13. kjh

    i need help with spawning

    ive found out thst u use essentiuals spawn
  14. hello my name is BLOOD and i am currently developing season 2 for a server, it was originally far4mng sevrer but now i wanty it to be more than that, so i need a hub for tyhat. u will spawn in the farming server but i will tp u to the hub world, i u wanna build for me dm me on disc orx, BLOOD_MOON_1#0507 sry for5t the trash spelling i try to tpye fast but fail
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