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  1. I just waited a day and now I can play again
  2. It got stuck in this status, I cant join and since it is a free server it cant stay up to download. Can someone help me try to solve this issue?
  3. Boezfa


    server got taken down
  4. Boezfa


    I found the answer after searching a bit
  5. My server has been alive for 2 days, and people are already making progress at spawn 

    Screenshot (211).png

  6. *Redacted
  7. . Advertising it here, IP for direct join is PopbobChan.minehut.gg, but the command in the lobby is /join popbobchan. Anyways this is an anarchy server, with a 10 player cap currently, hope you at least join to check it out. -Boezfa
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