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  1. Hello. My name is KenzoBonder and I have been a member of minehut since mid 2017. I have decided to move on from a different forums to this server's forums. I'm 18 years old and I’m from Norway! I'm a Legend rank and I use the Lunar client! Also it would been nice if I could change my forums name, since it's my first ever ignition which I hate. Anyways hello!
  2. I know that werewolf has an ability were it can heal players around you. Does it heal yourself as well, or does it just give defense?
  3. I don't post farm or say anything on other posts like what?
  4. Lol look I don't think I did anything wrong I just said my opinion like I'm not saying contraband is bad I just said that contraband is like a go fund me nothing more or less
  5. Anime says that's just contraband
  6. I saw you say the same thing like on 5 different posts so.
  7. KenzoBonderHD

    Please Help

    whenever I try to login to mc launcher it says " Please make sure you're online and try again!" I have tried reinstalling and restarting pc and all that stuff and idk what to do. please help
  8. If all that money would go to videos then it is a legit "Go Fund Me" but otherwise that is just contraband.
  9. Ok? That’s basically the definition of contraband.
  10. I feel like minehut youtubers that use contraband to get money is like a go fund me page. I am not saying it is bad I'm just saying that's it makes me think that they kinds make a go fund me so we donate for there videos which is pretty funny So yah I don't have also to say just that contraband is a Go Fund Me!
  11. Ok it may just be me, but lunar client (client doesn't really matter rn) has been acting up since I got minehut What do you mean by "got minehut"did you download something? Cuz if you did that's a fake minehut, and you should delete and uninstall it immediately
  12. In vanilla, you're able to hover over enchants in an enchantment table to see what they are before selecting them, but in minehut gamemodes, you're unable to do so. Is there a particular reason why minehut enchanting doesn't work like vanilla enchanting?
  13. how do I get well known member on the forums?
  14. So, I am sure you have heard of the free server hosting company - minehut. lets you make 2 free servers (without some premium) but at a cost. Minehut uses a bit of ram (from vanilla Minecraft, I think) And I want to somehow shut the servers down and free up my ram (however it works lol). This has been causing me performance issues with other versions of Minecraft since I do not have as much ram do power the game. If anybody could please explain how to stop the server from using so much ram, or even delete the server altogether, It would mean a lot to me. I am on Mac if it helps.Sorry if this i
  15. My username is KenzoBonder and I have been banned from all minehut servers I try to join. I'm trying to play on my friend's server and it won't let me even get on. It says I have been banned for curse But I cursed my friend it was an internal joke Cursing/Swearing in the lobbies is not permitted, bypassing the chat filter will result in a mute and not 3 Weeks , and ever since I have been unable to join any of the servers I just want to play Minecraft! Please unban
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