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  1. Ok! I looked through Grief Prevention in the files and I had the claim mode set to creative. Creative disables items dropping. Hopefully this helps anyone who comes across this and had the same issue!
  2. At the moment, when I do /warps, It just sends a list in the chat for the warps. Is there certain command that I don't know, do I have to go into the plugin files? Ty for telling me about this
  3. I think It would look pretty nice as a GUI. It would look alot nicer than just having it as text. I think you can also set descriptions for your warps as well.
  4. Plugin Link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/pwarp-playerwarps-gui-easy-set-up-player-warps.64542/ Hi! I was wondering if the mods could add the plugin PlayerWarps. I've seen it used on multiple survival servers, and want to use it on my own minehut server. For example, people on those survival made things like community mob grinders, farms, and nether portals. I hope you consider! Thanks
  5. Both of my servers won't start. Once I wake them up from hibernation, they begin to start, then after awhile of saying "starting", they stop. Also when I go to the file manager, the only thing in there i the plugins folder. The server gets stuck in "stopping" and will say that until the server hibernates again. I have tried using the repair files button multiple times, but no luck. If you need more info, let me know!
  6. When I go into survival and try to break blocks, they do not drop. I have turned doTileDrops and doEntityDrops to true. I tried killing a few mobs and they did not do any drop either. All of the plugins are shown in the GIF Link below, as well as showing what exactly is going on. I have also tested mob drops outside of claims and they did not drop Gyazo GIF
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