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  1. If you have Essentials, you can execute /pardon, followed by the name of the person you want to unban. For example, /pardon lolbruh123 would unban the person called "lolbruh123".
  2. If you’d like to recommend new plugins and plugin updates, do so here. Plugin updates usually occur every Tuesday or Thursday.
  3. Minehut no longer supports Bedrock; the feature was removed a few months ago. The video you saw was severely outdated and, from what I can say, there are no plans to reimplement Pocket Edition support in the future.
  4. You did not manually save by executing the /save-all command, which has caused your server to reset. Unfortunately, there is nothing that you can do about this.
  5. This could do with some footnotes and citations to further support your point.
  6. Make sure that you’re entering the correct IP address, with no spaces. Additionally, IPs have to be alphanumeric (containing only letters and numbers), punctuation marks or underscores are disallowed.
  7. That's good to hear; problems like these are usually quickly resolved.
  8. I would try repairing your files in the Danger Zone of your control panel, this will fix any corrupted files which may be delaying/crashing your server.
  9. Try repairing your files in the Danger Zone of the control panel. This should clear any corrupted files which may be preventing your server from successfully starting up.
  10. Unfortunately, because Minehut is Bungee-based, you cannot use modpacks. However, I believe that some advancements are trying to be made in order to implement such an ability.
  11. Clarifity

    Enjin For minehut

    Sure. You can use Enjin to act as a forums service for your Minehut server. Personally, I would recommend making a club in the Clubs section of these forums, as they are a service provided by Minehut specifically to act as a small forums for your own community.
  12. The downloading service that Minehut uses is most likely broken. I would recommend waiting a few hours and trying again.
  13. I recommend you post this in the Marketplace category, as this part of the forum is dedicated for asking questions and bringing up issues.
  14. Yes, advertising your Minehut server on social media is allowed, and so is publishing the hub chat externally. They're both 100% permitted.
  15. I doubt that the person threatening to "DDoS" you actually knows what a DDoS is or how to execute one; they were most likely being childish, immature and trying to sound threatening. Minehut has substantial DDoS protection in place, so any attempt to launch an attack would be unsuccessful. I recommend you ignore this person and not give in to their immaturity and ignorance.
  16. hello yes i would like to file a formal complaint
  17. Skript is a plugin which allows you to create and execute scripts. Essentially, using Skript you can make your own plugins. Feel free to find out more about Skript on its Bukkit plugin page.
  18. You may contact Minehut Support to request a backup of any previous saves. So long as the saves are present in the backup files, you will most likely receive the save which you have requested.
  19. This forums category is dedicated for Minehut server advertisement. Please advertise your personal services in the Marketplace category.
  20. It is not possible to change your account's email. I would recommend contacting Minehut Support and requesting that they change your email for you.
  21. You have cited the case name wrong. It should be written as Killergotrekt v. Arbor Day Foundation [2019] MHCJ 1. The case name, as I've shown here, begins with the name of the plaintiff versus the defendant, followed by the year in which the case was presented to the court (in square brackets) followed by the abbreviation of the court name (in this case, the Minehut Court of Justice -- MHCJ) and the case number of that year (in this case, 1, as it is the first case of the year 2019). On a serious note, I completely agree. Trees create jobs for builders, carpenters, architects, lumberers and countless others. They are the cornerstones of homes, essentials in furniture and a widely-available material. This whole fad about "trees providing oxygen" is a bit... untruthful, as 90% of our oxygen comes from phytoplankton (small plants in the ocean), not from trees.
  22. I’m glad that all of these people are my friends, or I know them in someway. Big up to everyone, especially Dragon and Thistle!
  23. You most likely forgot to execute the /save-all command before shutting down your server -- usually, Minehut servers don't autosave progress, so it has to be done manually with the aforementioned command. If you have made a save, via the control panel or through the method I just mentioned, in the past and would like to revert back to that save, contact Minehut support and request a backup of your world.
  24. Make sure you're uploading the correct file type -- a zip. Also, I would recommend watching the "How To Upload Your Own World" tutorial on Minehut's YouTube channel, as it will give you visual guidance on the world upload process.
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