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  1. This post is nearly three months old and necroposting is against the rules here. @FadelessBanjo Would you mind coming to lock this?
  2. Minehut decade review when
  3. You've got the wrong plugin. It's ProtocolSupport, not ProtocolLib. You can also use ViaVersion (alongside ViaBackwards and ViaRewind) to achieve the same outcome.
  4. I've checked and I'm not getting this issue and, to the extent that I know, no one else is. I would assume that the problem is coming from your end. I believe that you're not getting any rewards because you're not actually in-game when you vote; or because you're entering your name incorrectly on the voting website. Additionally, you should check your Minehut account to ensure that your accounts are actually linked.
  5. Have you tried repairing files?
  6. I doubt that you'll be given the name just because you want it. The naming system on Minehut is first-come-first-served and I've never heard of a transfer like this happening (primarily because SLG staff would probably find it inappropriate to have a preference for one user over another). Secondly, a person can utilise their server as they wish, just because the current "Olympus" does not have any content does not mean that that may be the case in the future, and it surely does not give you any permission to declare yourself the rightful and only claimant to that name. I'm sure there are many others who also want to call their server "Olympus".
  7. Unfortunately, the statistics were removed from the main website, however, I would assume that this issue is occurring because the maximum number of online servers has been reached. You might want to wait some time for the number of currently online servers to mitigate before attempting to start up your own. If you are still getting this issue, I would recommend going to the Danger Zone and selecting the Repair Files button, which will repair any corrupted files which may be delaying or preventing your server from starting.
  8. Minehut uses Paper, not CraftBukkit, which has already been updated to 1.15. Also, for future reference, please remember that the Servers category is dedicated to Minehut server advertisement. If you wish to make any inquires or to request help, please use the Community Support category.
  9. The service that Minehut uses to process downloads is, as always, down (I really hope they change it soon, because this is getting a bit ridiculous). There's really nothing that can be done with this, I'm afraid you'll just have to wait. As for your problem with the Citizens plugin: it hasn't been updated since January, 2019 and the latest supported version is 1.13.2. Sadly, you'll have to wait until the plugin developers release an update which supports the latest version, and Minehut add the updated release.
  10. There’s this little thing called a report, which you can make using the information found here; there’s no need to complain. If you feel like staff are purposefully refusing to punish offenders, you can report them to a Manager, via Discord or the forums DM feature. You can join the Minehut Discord server by clicking here.
  11. Minehut does not currently support MCPE servers, this support was removed some time ago and -- to the extent that I know -- there are no plans to re-implement it anytime soon.
  12. Unfortunately, Minehut does not support custom server icons. If you feel like this feature will benefit a large portion of the Minehut community, suggest it by joining the Minehut Suggestions Discord server and creating a post in the correct category.
  13. This post is over two months old; necroposting isn't allowed here.
  14. Please ensure that your friend is using a Premium (paid-for) account, as Minehut does not support Cracked (pirated) versions of Minecraft.
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