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  1. I wish we could download our servers important files, exclude the server properties and dangerous stuff for minehut, just like the plugins folder with configs (plugins.jar) excluded, the worlds and stuff incase minehut get hacked again, we can download backups also, if we want we can upgrade maybe in the future to "pebblehost" as an example Also we should have an option to sign in with multiple accounts In the plugins tab there should be a skript tab were we can upload our skripts and share them, and they have install button that installs them straight to the skript folder, option
  2. Any moderators or admins out there that can help me, I need my forums name chnaged to "Aseltic" because my current name "NitroRayZ" is incorrect and needs to be changed to that.
  3. I just got banned on minehut for saying the "n" word, people were telling me to rename my file to that cause the name i had for it was way to long, and tghey sayid "name it ngs" and i told them that meant the "n" word. This is just straight up ridicoulous, dont reply to this becuase ill never read it

  4. Heres an idea for the Minehut Admins: The file manager text edit is just slow and is bad to type in and could use an update. I have found a good editor for html that VSCode actually runs on suprizingly, its https://github.com/microsoft/monaco-editor and its really good. If possible, could you add this to the file manager and replace the current text editor. Thank you for listening! Heres an example: https://microsoft.github.io/monaco-editor/playground.html
  5. We're am I at? I know I'm semi new-ish but I can still skript good and do stuff with skript
  6. well it turned not into a api, but it works now so any admins or mods, please lock this post. @BennyDoesStuff if you could
  7. thank you, it works now!
  8. bedwars just a bedwars skript meant to copy hypixels bedwars
  9. can't understand this condition: 'format slot 15 of player with wooden axe named "&6&lSet Player 2's Position" with lore "&7[&b*&7]&r &aPlayer 2's Position: &b%{*.player.pos2}%" to run' (Main Skript.sk, line 40: format slot 15 of player with wooden axe named "&6&lSet Player 2's Position" with lore "{@prefix} &aPlayer 2's Position: &b%{*.player.pos2}%" to run:') pls help, im getting this error + the reason theres * everywhere is to hide the skripts real name for suprise
  10. As you can notice, the text editor here is a rich editor and has a option to put code in the text with syntax highlighting (the <> icon above text area). It has all syntaxes for code except Skript, please add skript syntax
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