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  1. Hi there, this is a skript I made that adds thirst, freezing, and sunburn into Minecraft. Here's how everything works: NOTE: You must rejoin your server to enable the action bar levels. Thirst Thirst periodically decreases. Replenish it by right-clicking water with your fist or drinking a water bottle. Freezing Freezing increases when you're standing on a cold block (snow, ice, etc.). Replenish it by right-clicking with a flint and steel or drinking any stew. Prevented by: Wearing full leather armor Holding a lava bucket Standing near a warm block (lit furnace, campfire, fire, lava, magma block) Sunburn Sunburn increases when you're in a hot biome (badlands, beach, desert, savanna). Replenish it by drinking a honey bottle (sunblock lol). Prevented by: Wearing a gold helmet or carved pumpkin Holding a gold item (other than ore) Holding a cold block Getting out of the sun When the 3 levels get too low (thirst) or too high (freezing and sunburn) you will get negative effects and when it reaches 0 (thirst) or 100 (freezing and sunburn) you will slowly take damage (stops at half a heart). The tab list will show the thirst level of each player. Commands /bar [all/thirst/freeze/coords/reset] - Set which bar is shown. "All" displays all 3 bars. /setthirst - Set a player's thirst. /setfreeze - Set a player's freeze. /setsunburn - Set a player's sunburn. /quench - Refill a playe'rs thirst. /reheat - Reset a player's freeze. /cool - Reset a player's sunburn. https://pastebin.com/raw/8pb85NNv Bars.sk
  2. Hi there, I've made a script that can be used in a couple different ways. It can be used as an anti-grief tool (if someone is in the act of griefing) by disabling anything they could do to continue what they're doing (even lets you disable movement). It could also be used as a freeze command, if you want to stop a player if they're cheating/if you want to message them with their full attention. Use it as you please, and it's fully customizable. Make sure to change any/all things to your liking. Apologies if something in the script has an error as I did not test this beforehand, and sorry for the poor formatting on this post since some posts have special categories/pictures. Permissions: (Customizable) server.adventure server.adventure.notification server.togglemovement server.togglemovement.notification Commands: /adventure <player> /togglemovement [on/off - optional] Download: If the download link provided isn't working, here's a pastebin containing the script: Pastebin RAW: https://pastebin.com/raw/THw3s4V5 Pastebin Download: https://pastebin.com/dl/THw3s4V5 adventure.sk
  3. Since when is that a thing? I have a Skript right now being used on my friend's server that uses & which works fine.
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