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  1. WOOOOOOOOOO! Best plugin updater admin!
  2. i need a level skript for my server which is currently in beta and it is a sky mining server, i will put your credits somewhere where its easy to find. pls send it to me on discord if you get or make one Rylen#4866 Idea: (make a function) when you level up it gets harder to level up. (dividing) (on mine) Extras :3 : Level up message (" LEVEL UP! [%level_variable%] (+10000), ") (+10000) = amount of coins they get, coins variable: {dragonstats::coins::%player's uuid%} anyways if you can do i thanxs you very mooch.
  3. yes Tuske, just 1 plugin
  4. You can get the punish skript here ^
  5. You should add skRandom(Skript addon) and in skript make it so we can do "set {_v} to text from "https://pastebin.com/popyes"" thats it lol
  6. Just updated it!
  7. PLUGINS NEEDED (2): Skript Tuske CHANGELOG: [EDITED] Made the version string to (Example:'BUILD-0.0.0'). [EDITED] Made the skript much efficient and lesser load time. [FIXED] Fixed alot of bugs! Please join the discord for download now. [DISCORD]:https://discord.com/invite/XQ2X7nv <-- This also contains my server
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