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  1. I updated skript and that was the reason for this issue, The issue isn't that much of a problem since there are ways around it like adding "Glowing" infront of the variable, It works perfectly fine when looping list variables so its only a small issue, If it'll cause bigger issues long term downgrading then i'd say keep the current version of skript since the issue is only small and there are ways around it. I'll let you know if i incounter any other bugs or notice any addons that need updating. Thanks for replying
  2. set {_item} to leather Leggings dye {_item} yellow if {_p} has permission "evolve.4" or "evolve.5": if name of {DONOR::Leggings::%{_p}%} does not contain "Yellow Leggings": format gui slot 14 of {_p} with {_item} named "&eYellow Leggings" with lore "", "&8» &cDISABLED", "" and "&f&lLEFT CLICK TO TOGGLE" to run: I'm going to explain this bug the best i can, So basically if you set a variable with an item and then put that item in a GUI it'll give an error saying the following: {DONOR::LEGGINGS::%the player%} is not a types.recipe This skript was working p
  3. Hello, Minehuts Skbee is version 1.4.3 and the latest version released is 1.4.5 The current minehut version doesn't allow structures to generate as its broken (in 1.16.1) which is fixed in the latest update put out on spigot. Please update this as its essential for a project i'm currently working on. Thanks for all the effort and support you put into minehut to create such a great community.
  4. Hello, Please can you update Skematic. It is required for me to carry on development on my server. Thank you - Ben
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