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  1. Username: DiamondIsRabbid What punishment did you receive: Perm Ban Was the punishment fair: I am not entirely sure, because it wasn't my account back then when it was banned. Why should you be unpunished: I have never cheated on this account, or alt evaded. Me and tbg have already talked about this account, and I have gained back access to it. I got this account about a year ago maybe, but this isn't my account fully... it was a shared account, but the old owner does not use it. If you think I hacked on this account, or some other account, first of all you're wrong and second o
  2. User Name - 3MVY Offense - Hacking/Bhop Evidence - Video 2020-06-09 18-46-50_Trim (2).mp4
  3. Username: ItsBearty What punishment did you receive: Perm Mute Was the punishment fair: No Why should you be unpunished: 1st of all, Resiv is the one that kept reporting me over and over. He has been the only one to ever report me for what I have "done". 2nd of all, Me and piinoy were joking around when that happened, and I wasn't disrespecting him at all. We were just messing around, but Resiv puts so many things out of context on me that it makes ME look like the bad guy. 3rd of all, the mute evade wasn't really a, well, mute evade. It was more of a test for benny. Actually, r
  4. So I hit a 1 kdr and blizzard said, im going to destroy your kdr on purpose. I didnt think anything of it until he started to try to kill me with sand and dig holes under me. I also have video proof for you, I also have to reply for the other 3rd of the video... the 2nd third I cannot put in the website. sorry about that but please watch both if you want more proof bliz 1.mp4 bliz 1.mp4 bliz 1.mp4 bliz 1.mp4 bliz 1.mp4 bliz 1.mp4 Bliz 3.mp4
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