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  1. Hey! Unfortunately, the earliest version that you can play on Minehut servers with is 1.8 To do this, you can use the plugin "viabackwards" and "viarewind" They require a dependency, "ViaVersion" I hope this helps, cheers, Nic
  2. Congrats on winning the day on Jan. 16 😄

    1. Gaminger


      Thank you my man haha
      You gotta win this year too

    2. ItzNic


      Yeah, one the first day the forums went up...

      It's a decently long story. 😛

  3. You have most likely heard of the server, that has been on the front page of the server list for about a week or so now, Mlum. Mlum is a prison escape server. Creative name, not so creative gameplay. It's about the same as any other Minehut escape server out there, no twist, no anything special. But the worst part, their moderation. Alright. Before I go over this, if you own Mlum I'm about to diss your staff members. If you work on Mlum work harder. If you play Mlum, then good for you, you're wasting time that you could be using to make a good server that we need nowadays. I'll try not to keep this negatively biased, nor positively. It all starts a while a go, when I checked out Mlum (Yes, I will bold the name everytime I say it). Just minding my own business, play the game, get banned for literally no reason (Like legit, no reason) which I have proof of... So, of course, like any normal person I apply on their discord. Wait a day, and I strangely don't see the server in my server list. I didn't break any rules in my appeal, I just simply stated my reasoning and said that I wanted to be unbanned, cuz quite frankly a ban message of "bruh" is unprofessional from anyone. I'm not saying this to hate on Mlum, I'm just releasing my fumes. But if you play Mlum, spread the message. Their moderators are undertrained, and are 11 years old. I was banned from their discord for no warning, nor attempt from any of the moderators to calm the situation down, or alert me of their decision. I'll most likely be making a youtube video about this, but if I were to mention that, then I would have to move this to #off-topic. Thanks for reading. If you know anyone that can help, feel free to contact me at Nic_#8336 on discord. Cya around, - Nic
  4. I'm going to skip this chance to apply. I'm going to wait 1 more year just to get more knowledge and background about the Minehut Community & Mods. To everyone applying; Good luck!
  5. ItzNic


    The second Judge will be revealed on Tuesday, October 1st! Come stop by and check out who it is! Judge 1 - Ashu225 Judge 2 - Judge 3 - These people were handpicked based on their expertise on the Minehut community, and server making process. Happy server creating!
  6. Anyone remember when I rep botted bc i wanted a badge...


    im so inmature 😞

  7. Uhm, what type of staff (specifically) Do you need builders, developers, moderators, etc?
  8. ItzNic


    I've left Minehut, therefor this contest is done.
  9. Trying to overtake me at my spot on #1? Your in the year you lose so you best think you haven't won. Minehut Lasagna, Minehut Lasagna. Look at Vane go cryin for their Ma-ma. Minehut  Lasgna

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    2. ItzNic


      You don't have 53 reactions, I'll tell ya that.

    3. Bear


      uhh this is funny 

    4. ItzNic


      lmfao. yeah i was being stupid 

      Sorry Vane!

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      thx lol 🙂 

  12. Hey

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    2. Vane


      just let me get to top and then I get badge and then i'll leave you alone

    3. ItzNic


      hmm, no

    4. AssaultDingo


      ;p; nic get beat


  13. ItzNic


    Have fun in Portugal
  14. ItzNic


    All trent cares about is the trees And also about his 1000 Laptops. *insert image of his desk here*
  15. ItzNic


    the turtle was a fat turtle, although, unlike all turtles the turtle was super, super evil.
  16. Start by adding 1+1 then make it up to 50+50 Time starts now I hope this is an original idea because im out of content for my next youtube video Ok thanks bye oh and u have 24 hours. So go do math. ex: 1 person says "1+1" 2nd person says "2+2" etc. Test your math skills
  17. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Anyway, I like my signature block. Soul sand. It signatures my depression. Please don't hurt my feelings. *signature here*
  18. get your fricking 9 year old army to penetrate my defenses. You can not lock this shit anymore!
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