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  1. Can anyone explain me what is that message? i was on my server, than it immidetly crashed and it showed that message, now i can't start my server, over 2 months of work..., but i got the skripts, so someone reply and tell me what it is PLEASE
  2. i need a good skripter for op prison server if you want to help
  3. kinda bad, no sell and shop, multiplier and stuff like this...
  4. the plugins u need are ⋆ Skript Addon: SkBee ⋆ Skript ⋆ FastAsyncVoxelSniper ⋆ Buycraft (Tebex) ⋆ spark ⋆ WorldGuard ⋆ Packet Limiter ⋆ PlotSquared v5 ⋆ Skript Addon: skRayFall ⋆ ProtocolLib ⋆ Multiverse ⋆ Skript Addon: TuSKe ⋆ Citizens ⋆ Skript Addon: MorkazSk ⋆ ClearLag ⋆ Skript Addon: skript-db ⋆ TAB REBORN ⋆ Skript Addon: skQuery ⋆ Trade+ ⋆ Citizens CMD ⋆ BackToTheRoots (1.8 PvP) ⋆ HolographicExtension ⋆ Vault ⋆ PlayerVaultsX ⋆ Skript Addon: Skellett ⋆ Holographic Displays ⋆ FastAsyncWorldEdit ⋆ Placeholder API ⋆ VoidGenerator ⋆ EssentialsX ⋆ LuckPerms ⋆ Skript Addon: MongoSK 2
  5. Bruh just get full gens/farming/prison server skripts on
  6. Hello, so i need gen server name, if you could help please send it on reply, i really need name!
  7. Hello, i NEED a cookie clicker skript, I need: Shop (Make it so you can upgrade cookies and stuff) Custom economy (with /cookietop) Prestige (with /prestigetop) scoreboard and if you can add more stuff it'll be great! (It is for a kinda big server) And my discord is dyooby#2371 Ty btw it can be also paid but i would really like it if you do it for free
  8. How did you do it? You are the best skripter i've ever see!
  9. Can you make Auto pickup mobs drops and blocks? And can you make Item Stacker?
  10. Hello, i would like custom cookie clicker, but! i make /shop so you can upgrade the cookies and it will give more, and scoreboard, i know its hard and i hope you can do it
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