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  1. Hey, my current occupation on PlexPVP is Helper and I'm here to give you some feedback: FEEDBACK You have provided very less amount of information which might not be enough for the staff management team to accept your application. They need to know you as much as they can to accept your application. Unfortunately, you get -1 from me
  2. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Minecraft Username: crazymarty Discord Name: crazymarty#1802 Age: I am currently 15 years old and I will turn 16 soon Timezone: IST +5:30 Can you speak fluently in any over languages (Multilingual)?: I am Indian so I can speak Marathi and Hindi the 2 main languages in India ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do you have a microphone?: Unfortunately, I don't have a mic Do you have the ability to record?: Yes, I have OBS to record and Lightshot for taking screenshots ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why are you applying for staff on Atrosity?: Honestly, I don't see much staff online. Atrosity is growing day by day and there are very few active staff to look at each and every member, they need some assistance. So, I would like to assist them with moderating the server, helping players, try my best to solve players questions, help guide new players/users, I want to help the owner in maintaining this server, keeping it safe from hackers, griefers and abusers, making this server a better place to play a place where players can gain the best experience of our gamemode, etc.. I have met few staff members and they are very humble, kind and welcoming. They know what they are doing and what they are supposed to do in certain situations. I would love to be a part of the staff community with such great staff members. I get a lot of time to play Minecraft, so instead of wasting my time here and there, I would love to contribute it towards this server by helping players in each and every platform of this server. Also, I have been staff on a lot of Minehut and non-minehut servers. I have gained a good amount of staff experience from these servers to fit myself into this role/rank. What makes you a better applicant than others?: Has I have mentioned above, I have a good amount of staff experience to fit myself into this role/rank. With my experience, I know where and when to take certain decisions. I am honest and trustworthy, I used to sells scripts before and some people wanted it in few hours or days so I started doing the scripts and tried my best to complete it before the deadline and at the end I completed the script before the deadline, completely working and tested everything. So, if you give me any work to do, I will make sure to complete it before the deadline. Do you have any previous experience if so what?: Yes, here are the servers I have worked on before/still working: Server: TaggerNation Rank: Developer Status: Non-minehut server Description: TaggerNation is an Indian popular vanilla survival server. It was the first-ever server I became staff on and it is the server I gained the most staff experience on. I used to be in-game developer there but since they changed the server's gamemode to vanilla survival, there was no use of Developer so I am no more a Developer there but I am a very well know person there Proof: I don't have any proof right now but if you need proof, I can invite you to their discord server and you can ask the owner about me Server: MinersX Rank: Developer Status: Non-minehut server Description: MinersX is an Indian server too. It is a custom survival server and is going to add a few more gamemodes like skyblock, factions, and kitpvp soon. I code basic java plugins for this server. I am still a Developer on this server Proof: CLICK ME Server: AmnesiaCraft Network Rank: Helper Status: Non-minehut server Description: AmnesiaCraft was a network server with few gamemodes like custom skyblock, custom faction, custom kitpvp, custom survival and much more. I was helper here and I was the most active staff on it but since the owner was inactive, the server stopped and now it doesn't exist. The discord server of this server is still alive Proof: CLICK ME Server: FlagClash Rank: Mod Status: Minehut server Description: FlagClash is a custom gamemode server where you place a flag and earn money. You can upgrade your armor, weapons and fight with other players and earn money by killing or breaking other's flag. This server is still alive and a popular server. Proof: CLICK ME And more... How much time will you be able to contribute to being staff?: 2-3 hours per day or more What would you class as your biggest strength?: What activities do you do outside of Minecraft?: Sorry but I don't think that is necessary so I would like to keep it secret. If you really want to know then I could DM you that. Have you been banned on any servers if so what?: I don't think I have been banned on any server? But if I have been banned on any server then it might be for no good reason or I might have done something wrong. How do you think the community would feel about you being staff? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Will you be able to do a voice interview?: No, sorry but I got no mic but I can still hear you guys so I could chat and you speak maybe? Will you be able to come to staff meetings?: Yes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other/Notes: That is it I guess? Thank you for implementing your precious time on reading my application, hope I get accepted? Have a nice, sweet and lovely day -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. 1. No one will do this for free 2. Use a plugin instead
  4. Want something challenging huh? Here: Rarity: Legendary Name Necromancer Description: While pvping, with a chance of 30% it will spawn 10 wither skull which will rotate around you and shoot wither skull for 10 seconds. This thing will have a 10min cooldown Max level: 1 Description of level: N/A
  5. What if player is stuck in a 5x5x5 obsidian cage?
  6. This should be in marketplace. This is the replace for this if you'tr skripting.
  7. it is like this: format gui slot 1 of player with any item named "name" with lore "item lore" to run: *your code here. After 4 spaces*
  8. asking help without giving any information won't work.
  9. This is not the place where you ask for skripts. Please use marketplace.
  10. crazymarty

    Tuske GUI help

    Your code is incorrect. It should be format gui slot of player. and @Nd_ the code error and the code, both are different. If you're editing the skript, you should edit it here too.
  11. Maybe ask in marketplace?
  12. crazymarty


    Essentials has an economy system
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