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  1. Although not listed, VRLS does support 1.16. You can check it out yourself, there’s also plenty of people on the Viaver discord who are using it on 1.16 with no issues
  2. Supervanish doesn't keep you in tablist as long as you don't have the permission to view vanished players
  3. Link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/viarewind-legacy-support.52924/ This plugin helps fix issues with 1.8 gameplay on a 1.9+ server such as ladders not working and some sounds not playing when they should.
  4. They want to enable tnt duplicators not a command that duplicates their held item
  5. Just do functionname(params) inside of said function
  6. blocksnmore


    There is already a punishment gui plugin on mh named Punishment [MP style]
  7. blocksnmore


    I would suggest using Luckperms because it's already on minehut and it's free unlike ultra permissions. (also has a web editor)
  8. Matrix is a decent anticheat if configured right. Also AAC is paid so it likely won't be added
  9. HeadsPlus is in but not head database, i suggested it but got denied because its a paid plugin
  10. do i get a vip rank


    1. blocksnmore


      Wdym "do i get a vip rank"? If you're referring to the giveaway that minehut made contact them

  11. Trent Any azyn server because i get to waste time of my life being entertained and not bored
  12. I'm likely not gonna win but its worth a shot
  13. Im not trying by any means to flex my plugin but theres a "fork" ive made that supports the latest version and is open source https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/80827/
  14. This plugin is paid via dreams patreon https://www.patreon.com/DreamWasTaken so i doubt it will be added to mh
  15. Advertise in the lobby and spam ping everyone on the official mh discord Whats the key to making a popular discord
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