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  1. Alright man, I didn't know that, thanks to both of you for helping me!
  2. Hmmm... That's Minehut server support, my case is not really a server error.
  3. So I have been playing on Minehut for around 4 years now. Somewhere midway I got the VIP rank. I am not sure when, because someone gifted me the rank. I do unfortunately not know the player's name since it was a while ago, which is probably going to make this case difficult. I was playing on Minehut yesterday (11/25/2020) with my VIP rank. Now I log on a day later (which is 11/26/2020) and my VIP rank is suddenly gone. Obviously this is pretty annoying since I can't freely fly around anymore, or have an advertisement advantage. I really hope my account could get tracked back in any way, beca
  4. Username: GeertLast Punishment: Ban Punishment Length: 3 years Punishment Reason: Client Modification Explain your punishment: I was banned while playing on Colored. I honestly don't know why. Was the punishment reasonable?: No, I don't use any forms of cheats/hacks or whatever. As told, I don't know why I was banned or why I became suspicious, but I hope this could be figured out!
  5. Hey everyone! My name is GeertLast (in-game), I am working on a new server at the moment, so I need builders, good builders. I wonder if somewhere between all these people there might be someone with experience as a builder and who is good at it as well. I really want to make a good server, and I can build myself as well a little bit, but I am not going to make it on my own. So, if you think you can help me out with my server and if you would like to become builder, feel free to join my discord server and you may have a chance of becoming builder on my server. Thanks for reading and I hope
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