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  1. Reviving this club harder than reviving my will to live.
  2. I'm a feline friend who likes to skript and play video games. I have advanced talents in both sorcery and witchcraft which I can use in combat to bestow curses upon my enemies. I brew potions for my faithful owner, Darthius, and go on wonderful adventures. The townsfolk are very nice to me and I get lots of cuddles and pets. That's about it, gotta get back to brewing our latest concoction!
  3. I mean that's pretty good, would rate 8/10.
  4. Magician


    There is probably an expression for it but you can use a function such as: function loreLength(i: item):: integer: set {_n} to 0 while {_n} is set: if line ({_n} + 1}) of {_i}'s lore is set: add 1 to {_n} else: exit loop return {_n} Then using that function, you can do something along the lines of: command /lorelength: trigger: set {_a} to loreLength(tool) send "This item has %{_a}% lines of lore." I broke it down a little so it's easier to understand. Hopefully this helps. The indentation is kinda big but that's just how Minehut forums converts TABs.
  5. Brewing potions for my trustworthy owner.

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