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  1. LemonBlade

    Cant delete world

    So I accidentally uploaded a world wrong, the world file itself was in a zipped folder. The zip folder also had a space in the name which I think you shouldn't do. I have tried doing /delete world [world name] but it says world not found. You cant tp to the world so its not that big of a deal its just annoying that it still shows up in /worlds. I also have tried to delete it in the files file manager but It would not let me delete it there. Is the only way t o fix it is to download my main world and start a new server?
  2. LemonBlade

    Help please

    I will try renaming it
  3. LemonBlade

    Help please

    So I did it in the default world and I worked, but not on my uploaded world how do I fix this?
  4. LemonBlade

    Help please

    its says "that world doesn't exist"
  5. LemonBlade

    Help please

    ok I will try it
  6. LemonBlade

    Help please

    I can make the survival one survival, but not the creative one
  7. LemonBlade

    Help please

    will this get rid of the permissions I set?
  8. LemonBlade

    Help please

    I did the pex user {your username} add * and I think it made me be able to have op powers even when im not oped is that the cause and if so is there a way I can remove that from myself but keep the tp permissions I set?
  9. LemonBlade

    Help please

    thanks! one more question, do you know the command to make it so people can go through portals? in the multiverse plugin.
  10. LemonBlade

    Help please

    1.I want to get rid of all essential plugin ability's other than the teleport commands, I also have the essential spawn plugin and want to be able to tp to spawn. Also how do I give the essential plugins command to non op? 2. I have the multiverse plugin and want it to go from my survival world to my creative world, I already have the inventory per world plugin so you cant cheat stuff into survival, but idk how to make one world stay survival and one world stay creative, please help. (when responding can you put the number question you are responding to?)
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