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  1. Moved to Marketplace As you are offering scripts, please make sure to use the marketplace category.
  2. Looks like this has been sorted out. Please just DM the user on the forums next time as this post isn't really necessary.
  3. Moved to Help Please make sure to post in the correct category next time.
  4. Moved to Help Please make sure you post in the correct section.
  5. McThistle2

    Linking account?

    You could try to contact support and see if they have a solution, however if there is no way to verify that it is your account nothing can really be done. If you remember the email to your account, you can request a password reset from the login page.
  6. Looking forward to seeing some new faces around
  7. McThistle2


    Hey there! Servers are DDoS protected, so that isnt the issue here. Additionally, IP's on minehut are masked so no need to worry about them having that. Ask the server owner to go to the Danger Zone and hit Repair files as I believe the issue may be due to something corrupting. If this doesn't work, feel free to contact the support team. Also, you can get someone with OP (or with the panel) to enable the whitelist.
  8. McThistle2

    Plugin folder

    Downloading the world does not include any additional files.
  9. @N1ghtmareD0GE use the in game method of uploading worlds as it has a much higher file limit than the panel (and it works more often, too!)
  10. Make sure to set yourself to the group! /lp user <user> parent set <group name> Let me know if this works
  11. McThistle2


    Hi there. Could you explain your issue further? Can they break blocks/build away from spawn, nowhere, what message do they receive (if any) ect..
  12. McThistle2

    Another Skript Addon?

    You can create a post here to request a plugin.
  13. McThistle2

    Can I get unban?

    Please create a player appeal if you have not already done so.
  14. Hi there. You can type the command /settings private-messages all/friends/none to disable private messaging from other players. If this ever occurs and no staff are present, feel free to make a report.
  15. McThistle2

    server help

    If you have video evidence of the user griefing, coreprotect logs or the user admitting to griefing the server, you can create a report. You cannot transfer server icons.
  16. Welcome back, and congrats! Cant wait to see you around
  17. Congrats jrs! Cant wait to see yall around!
  18. McThistle2

    Linking Accounts?

    Hey! You can go here and click the "Link Account" button.
  19. You can just hold shift when typing.
  20. Hi there! If you want your inventory, you would need to download your worlds playerdata and upload it to the panel. In terms of spawning in a different world, you can view the follow the tutorial below
  21. McThistle2

    Ban Appeal

    Hey! Click here to view the appeal format.
  22. McThistle2

    Always Hibernating?

    Servers automatically close after 5 minutes of inactivity (nobody being online).
  23. You can join the Minehut Discord for information on any maintenance downtime.
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