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  1. Make sure that the file size is < 500mb.
  2. Did you put yourself into the group? If not, type the following: /lp user (user) parent set (group)
  3. Zero tick farms were patched in the latest Paper update, which is what Minehut runs on. They will no longer work.
  4. Wow, time flies. GG Matqx!
  5. Default is the group that users are automatically assigned to.
  6. There is a download feature, but I believe theres some issues with its software. You can view a tutorial here on how to download your world.
  7. You need to add the permission for users to execute this command. Type the following commands. "/pex group <group> add essentials.tpa" "/pex group <group> add essentials.tpaccept" "/pex group <group> add essentials.spawn"
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