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  1. Congratulations you lot! Cant wait to work with you over the coming months!
  2. M I N E H U T C O M M U N I T Y F A Q HOW TO CREATE RANKS WITH LUCKPERMS REQUIREMENTS: Luckperms, EssentialsX & Vault DIFFICULTY: MEDIUM Introduction to Luckperms: Luckperms is a simple and easy to use permissions plugin that allows you to create ranks and give them permissions. This tutorial requires that you have OP permissions, so make sure you have those before beginning. How to create a rank: Type /lp creategroup <groupname>, replacing <groupname> with what you want the group to be called. To assign somebody to the group you created, type /lp user <user> parent set <groupname>. Replace that inside the corner brackets user a username and a group as the groupname. How to create a prefix for a group: Type /lp group <groupname> meta setprefix "<prefix> ". Replace <groupname> with the group name and <prefix>. - We use the quotation marks around the prefix so that the plugin knows where to start reading the prefix and where to stop. For example, if we wanted the prefix shown in the first image, we would type "&c&lADMIN &c" in place of prefix. Without the quotation marks, it would appear as the second image. How to add permissions to a group: To add a permission to a group, type /lp group <groupname> permission <permission node>. Again, replace what is inside the corner brackets with what you want. - To find permission nodes, simply google <plugin> permission nodes. If you need more help on this topic, head over to this section of forums, or join our or join our Discord! How To Set Up Ranks Compiled by the Community Support Team
  3. McThistle


    Try reinstalling your client as some files might have become corrupt.
  4. I am happy to see that you are the only staff member that cares enough to unban any of my accounts, I am glad to soon be back to minehut and talk to my friends, and even better, by 2 weeks minehut/NOW minehut will support 1.16.1 :D)))

  5. McThistle

    Nether Reset

    In game, type /del world <world> (or in your case, /del world world_nether)
  6. McThistle


    You cant. Also, this post is over a month old! Please do not necropost.
  7. McThistle


    TL;DR - Minehut is not yet updated to 1.16 and so new features aren't yet available.
  8. McThistle


    Servers should support 1.16 features in the coming days. Also, this post belongs in Help, so i'm moving it there. Moved to Help
  9. Minehut is not currently supporting 1.16 clients, this means you must use 1.15.2 or lower to connect to the Minehut lobby. When Minehut updates, which should be within a week, your worlds will not be corrupt. Any pre-generated chunks will remain the same, whereas new chunks will load in the new 1.16 content. Minehut will be updating once a stable version of paper is released and core plugins have also been updated
  10. Now this is epic
  11. hey can you help me /spawn and /tpa dont work for non op players and / pex doesnt work in 1.15


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