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  1. Appeal using this format and post it here.
  2. This could be because of a few reasons: You tried to start your server at a peak time. You installed an outdated plugin. You can check to see if it is this issue via your server logs. (Remove the plugin and then try again) There are too many operations going on in your server, eg if you have too many skripts. If this still doesn't work, try to repair your files from the 'Danger Zone' section of your panel.
  3. Did you install any other plugins apart from Worldedit?
  4. You aren't really getting the message, are you?
  5. The support role isn't a staff role.
  6. Jackson, didn't I tell you to stop?
  7. If it tells you too many servers are online, it means that Minehut has reached its maximum running servers. This normally happens when around 3.45k servers are online. Try again later when less are online. (You can view server stats at https://minehut.com by scrolling down)
  8. No idea. Keep updated on the 'DutchCoders' twitter.
  9. Hello. Transfer.sh (the website used for the world downloads) is currently not working, meaning worlds can't be downloaded. Hopefully this issue should be resolved soon.
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